Ruby on Rails, what for?

An incredibly efficient technology

Great web companies such as Groupon, Twitter, GitHub or LinkedIn have chosen to base their services on Ruby on Rails. Like them, and like us, you can ensure your app benefits from the best of web technology.

Ruby on Rails is a powerful framework

We did not specialize in Ruby on Rails by chance. Ruby on Rails is an incredibly efficient framework – a set of tools – that allows us to be productive and flexible.

Ruby on Rails’ tools help us develop fully functional web apps faster, no matter what line of business you are in.

High productivity and quality code

Rails is very productive and considerably speeds up development. Developers have more time to work on their code and test it, thereby improving its quality and robustness.

Convention over configuration means that this framework was developed to enable developers to use it right away. Of course, you are free not to follow the convention if you do not wish to.

Another important Ruby element is DRY, aimed at reducing repetition by reusing code whenever possible instead of repeating it. Less code results in fewer bugs.

These principles require regular automated testing during development to ensure quality code and avoid regression bugs. Ruby is a practical and straightforward framework combining speed and quality.

All this decreases development time and thus helps lower web apps costs. The resulting code is very structured, and the framework it runs on is powerful and makes the evolution of web services easier. Ruby on Rails provides better control over the cost of an app over time.

Open source software and community

Even better: because it is an open source framework, Ruby on Rails encourages sharing best practices and participating in the community. Ruby on Rails counts many active users; together, they relentlessly work to improve the framework.

Its community, its many tools, its gems and open source plug-ins make Ruby on Rails the ideal framework for developing web apps.

Our developers have all been working with Ruby on Rails for more than 5 years, and that is why they can develop rich web apps. Ruby is an amazing technology; combined with a team of specialized developers, it produces incredibly efficient results.