A successful web project

We wrote several articles to help you understand the different steps of a web project. We have listed them chronologically, from the first to the last.

Think before you act

The thinking stage

We define the strong points of your product in order to prototype the MVP – a product with the features allowing it to be deployed and no more – and control costs.

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Designing your web project

The structuring phase

Estimating costs and risks and choosing a contractor is no easy task. If you need advice, we are here to help you make the right choices.

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Shaping your web project

The modelling phase

Prototyping is an important stage of your web project. Together with usability, it allows us to create models (mock-up, wireframe) of your apps.

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Designing the visual side of your web project

The creation stage

Design is so much more than appearance. It has an impact on the way people use your web app.

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