Our values

These values constitute the manifesto each of our members follows. From here on after, we want our values to spread out to the world and become the basis of the relationships with each of our partners.



We offer digital based solutions. That's what we love and what we are skilled with. We pour out our hearts and energy to provide your innovation.



We build solutions with your issues in mind. It is essential for us to respond to your needs to the best of our ability: by putting our craft to your profit



Our knowledge is how it is thanks to the work of thousands of people. It feels natural for us to share it with consulting, open-source, articles, videos, etc.



Our work is based on solid and durable human relationships. As a team we help ourselves and do the same for our clients and suppliers. We need this reciprocal trust to build a long and profitable association. It's the definition of symbiosis.



We have the important task to be experts in our constantly evolving domain. We can't be the best in everything. That's why we focus on a restricted scope of domains we believe in. In these domains, we are following a continuous improvement objective convinced our progress will be profitable for everybody.