Ruby on Rails courses

Courses for all levels

Although Ruby on Rails is a next generation web framework, in 2012, Synbioz still is one of the few French-speaking companies to offer Ruby on Rails development courses.

Ruby on Rails at the tip of your fingers

We have been using Ruby on Rails from the start, and have followed its evolution over the years.

This framework is based on an object-oriented language that is both dynamic and flexible. Moreover, it offers great features.

We have created different courses to teach you all you need to know about Ruby on Rails.

Why train your employees to use Ruby on Rails?

  • To make sure that in your company, knowledge on web technology is always up to date!
  • To ensure your business is ready to implement complex and changing development
  • To increase the efficiency of your development team and make them self sufficient
  • To retain the loyalty of your employees by training them to the most up to date web technologies
  • To benefit from the legal dispositions concerning the Individual Right to Training (IDR) in France
  • To boost your development teams with Ruby, a quality framework

Why learn Ruby on Rails?

  • It is more efficient.
  • Your apps are easier to develop.
  • It is a rich and constantly evolving framework.
  • Its code is robust.
  • Apps can be prototyped quickly.
  • Time is spent on your app’s logic, not on development tools.

Why choose Synbioz to learn Ruby on Rails?

  • Synbioz is one of the few places you can learn Ruby on Rails.
  • Quality guaranteed: we have been Ruby on Rails fans and specialists since 2007.
  • Our teachers use the framework on a daily basis: they are hands-on experts.
  • Synbioz created a full course on Ruby on Rails.
  • We train everybody, no matter what their level is.

Who do we teach Ruby on Rails to?

  • IT / Web departments in large businesses
  • Freelance developers
  • IT companies
  • Web Agencies
  • Communication groups
  • Start-ups

Can you give more specific examples of potential learners?

Sometimes, freelance developers do not have the time to watch for new technologies; they are busy developing for their customers.

We can update your Ruby on Rails knowledge and skills.

Some IT companies wish to train development teams in order to find new markets using Ruby on Rails.

Some web or communication agencies want to build new expert teams.

Some software editors want to rebuild their product with a more efficient technology, or to migrate heavy apps to the cloud.

Some businesses need the skills to maintain and develop the tools third parties created for them.

We suggest either a full Ruby on Rails course or a beginner course.

Extra information concerning our courses

  • Well suited to developers and web engineers who know about object-oriented programming elements such as classes, methods, and heritage.
  • In order to ensure quality and maximum interactivity, courses are limited to 3-5 learners.
  • Please note that Ruby is a highly addictive technology.