The basics of Ruby on Rails

To make things easier for developers and avoid redundant code, Ruby on Rails ignores a number of things.

Still, if you want to become a Ruby on Rails expert, you have to understand exactly what is going on inside, even if it removes the mystique surrounding the framework. We have summed up and detailed it all in a series of posts.

How sessions work

Every web app uses sessions. We can explain you how they work.

How does the app identify users between requests? How does a Ruby on Rails session work? What are the solutions for session storage?

This post will help you understand what sessions are, both in general and in the Ruby on Rails framework.

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Rails and the authenticity token

The basis of security in Rails
This post will help you understand what a Cross Site Request Forgery attack is, and how Ruby on Rails protects you from it by default.

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respond_to and Ruby on Rails

How respond_to works

Presentation of respond_to and how Ruby on Rails knows how to respond with the right format depending on the request type.

And discover how to define your own formats.

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