A mobile-friendly website

Something that runs on all devices

More and more people surf the Internet on their smartphone. This means your site must be mobile-friendly. If it is not, not only will you lose mobile users, but what is worse they will probably never come back to your site, even on their personal computer.

Permanent access

The way people use the Internet has changed: sites need to be adapted to mobile devices. A mobile site is always accessible to all users, even on a smartphone. Thanks to mobile-specific development, responsive web design and HTML5, your app can be accessed from any device.

A positive user experience, always

You do not view a site the same way depending on whether you are on a mobile phone or a computer. It is thus necessary to adapt data volume and select specific contents.

You cannot load as much data on a smartphone as on a computer, because there is usually less broadband available.

Offering users consistent browsing in spite of limitations comes at a cost, but they are bound to enjoy this positive experience and come back for more.

If you view this site on a smartphone, you will see for yourself it is slightly different from what you can experience on a computer. We can do the exact same thing for you and adapt your web app or your website to mobile use.


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