Usability first


Usability and user-friendliness

When you come across a site that you find simple and pleasant, it means designers have spent time perfecting its usability. The intuitive design of our sites is no accident, but the result of the collaboration between businesses, users and designers. Our aim is to meet users’ needs in the most simple and efficient way.

Positive user experience

We begin working on the usability of a web app by focusing on its users. User experience must always be positive.

Users must be able to access all features easily, and each page component has to be thought-out and defined to make it very easy to use.

From personas to scenarios

The usability design of a web app always starts with identifying its different types of users (personas), and defining the use scenario corresponding to each of them.

When put together, these data allow us to identify the most important and most recurrent tasks of the app we are developing. They help us determine and organize the app’s features and how they are accessed to wireframe the app.

Wireframing: defining the elements of your app’s front end


Wireframing is an essential step in the design of an app. It is the equivalent of drawing its blueprint. It helps define precisely each feature as well as its position.

Picturing the front end ahead of time, modifying it then approving it makes the rest of the project much easier to work on for developers.

Do not let a good-looking visual design fool you, because it is not enough. Let us work on your app’s usability together.