These software made our site possible

…and all of them are open source!


Debian GNU Linux

Operating system

The Debian Project is an Internet collaboration of volunteers developing an open-source operating system. For 15 years, companies, education and government organisations and many more have used Debian. It still is a reference today.

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Programming language

Ruby is the perfect choice if what you have in mind is being productive and expressing yourself, and if you wish to work as part of a community. Ruby has become increasingly popular since Ruby on Rails, a full, multi-paradigm language that includes thousands of programming libraries. What is more, it is open-source.

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Web server and reverse-proxy

Nginx has changed the way we use web servers. Over the last years, it has become the most common web server, before Microsoft IIS. We trust Nginx and run it on all our servers.

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Application server

Unicorn allows us to scale our Ruby on Rails apps. We use it to modify the numbers of working processes according to our needs. It is the application server we chose to implement behind Nginx.

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Distributed version control system

Our code is versioned with Git. As you can see on GitHub - where the majority of open-source Ruby projects are hosted - most of the Ruby community use it.

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Relational database management system

This time again, we resorted to a well-known system. MySQL is widespread, so there is quality documentation and support available. Nevertheless, we often use other database management systems such as MongoDB or PostgreSQL.

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Micro-framework for web development

Ruby on Rails is not the only framework we use. For smaller sites like this one, or our blog, we use lighter tools.

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