Ruby on Rails knowledge update

Staying on top


This course aims at helping you master the most recent tools

  • What’s new with Ruby 1.9
  • What’s new with Rails 3.x
  • The gems you cannot do without

What you will learn to do

  • Create Rails 3.x applications using the Asset Pipeline, CoffeeScript, SCSS and MiniTest
  • Share these skills with your teams and employees
  • Follow agile development principles

Who is this course for?

Generally, freelance and company developers are taught in the same course.

Price and duration

3 day courses cost €2 000 per participant


  • What’s new in Ruby 1.9
    • Installing rbenv
    • New notations
    • New classes and methods
  • What’s new in Rails 3
    • Configuration options
    • Rack middlewares
    • Asset pipeline (sprocket)
    • Coffeescript
    • SCSS
    • UJS
    • ActionMailer
    • ActiveRecord (scopes, validations, cache etc.)
    • Deprecation
  • Others
    • Well-tried gems you cannot do without
    • Pow (Mac OS X)
    • Minitest (specs, fixtures, guard, turn etc.)

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