Ruby on Rails Beginner course

Off to a good start

Ruby on Rails at your fingertips.


With this course, create your very first Rails app.

  • A ready-made work environment
  • Discovering Ruby, an object-oriented language
  • Understanding frameworks
  • Understanding MVC
  • Understanding DRY
  • Discovering agile development
  • Mastering the Ruby on Rails framework
  • Developing a Ruby on Rails project on one’s own
  • Extending framework features
  • Hosting a Ruby on Rails application
  • Securing a Ruby on Rails application
  • Optimizing a Ruby on Rails application

What you will learn to do

  • Create dynamic web apps
  • Teach basics to your team, colleagues and employees
  • Explain management what Ruby has to offer
  • Follow agile development principles

Who is this course for?

Generally, this course is taught to junior developers from different companies that either are freshly out of engineering school or experts in another language.

Price and duration

This course lasts 5 days and costs €2,500 per participant.


  • Setting up a development environment (rvm, rbenv, gems etc.)
  • An introduction to Ruby
  • Ruby basics
  • Ruby on Rails presentation
  • RoR project structure
  • How the framework works
  • First Rails app
  • Case study: a bookshop
  • Rails components
    • ActiveRecord
    • ActionPack
    • ActiveSupport
    • Ajax/UJS
    • ActionMailer
    • I18n

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